5 Essential Social Media Tips For Your Job Hunt

The new year will be here before we know it and college seniors will soon be taking to the streets, heading to web and networking events in hopes of landing a job post-graduation. Any modern job search requires more than just a resume and portfolio, however. Here are five essential social media tips from creative staffing agency, Vitamin T, which job seekers should consider when embarking on their job search.


Use keywords

Searching for a person online is like searching for a book in Powell’s and not knowing the author. It is important to use keywords in your LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other social media bios so you are easier to find. If you’re a front-end developer, you want to come up when employers or recruiters are searching for HTML, CSS, etc. on LinkedIn. Think about the skills you use every day and the things that make you great at your job, and make sure they are listed in your bio. For Twitter, you want someone to come to your profile and immediately know who you are, what you do and why they should hire you. They’ll scan your feed, so make sure it’s true to what you’re claiming in your bio. If your keywords say one thing and your feed says another, you’re not likely to look credible.

Google yourself

Because your potential employers will. There is nothing worse than walking into an interview and having an employer tell you something about yourself you didn’t know was out there. Google has a long memory, but if you’re prepared, you can preempt any confusion without surprise. Again—keywords in your bios will help better control what people are finding.

Connect with potential employers

Don’t just listen, talk. Retweet their tweets, comment on their posts, share their posts and tag them in posts. Every time you engage with a potential employer online, it is another chance for you to be noticed, and maybe even become their next hire. At the very least, listen. Know what potential employers are talking about on social media so you can bring it up in a potential interview. You might not retweet every tweet, but they’ll know you are paying attention.

Mind your manners

Be mindful of the language you are using and the opinions you are sharing publicly. You never want to say anything that would offend a potential employer. When someone is considering you for a job, they are considering you to represent their brand/company. It is hard to change a negative first impression, so control your online presence by only sharing things you want Google to remember. Keep in mind, if you retweet something someone else posted it still reflects on you. So think before you post.

Keep it human

Be yourself. You aren’t a robot. Humanize your feeds. It’s important to have conversations and engage with others, but it’s also alright to talk about things that are not related to your job. Do you like watching sports, have a cooking blog or sit on a community board? Talk about it! You don’t have to tell everyone what you’re having for every meal, but employers like to know you’re multifaceted.

 Taken from: http://bostinno.com/2012/12/08/5-essential-social-media-tips-for-your-job-hunt/